9 years of experience

9 years development path
  • In 2009

    Brerigo Trade Co., Limited was established in Hong Kong and officially launched its international trade business.
  • 2010

    developed the African market for tire export trade
  • 2011

    a branch was established in Cameroon, Africa to establish a localization team
  • 2012

    established a new business transformation strategy and developed a new trade structure
  • 2013

    it cooperated with a well-known Chinese bus company to carry out bus export business
  • 2014

    pioneered timber felling and timber processing operations
  • 2015

    we established a channel for building materials, mainly exporting ceramic tiles and bathroom products
  • 2016

    Africa's agricultural products import China
  • 2017

    continued to open up overseas markets
  • 4 May 20182018 business expansion

    opening up the 24th trading cooperation country